First CSA share and book giveaway

landinglogoI just came back from visiting family in Mexico and many exciting things were waiting for me in DC. First of all the first share of this year Community Sustainable Agriculture is here!! We just picked it up today.

I got 1 Bunch White Scallions, ½ lb. Watercress, 1 Bunch Rhubarb, 1 Bag Spinach and 1 Package Cremini (Baby Bella) Mushrooms.

My share comes from Pennsylvania’s Lancaster Farm Fresh. I read about CSA’s in Farmer Jane and I wanted to try it ever since.  I’ll definitely accommodate some of my recipes to the produce they will be sending me every week, and I’ll be telling you more about CSA’s as time goes by.

Secondly, I received in the mail Elana’s brand new book: “Gluten-Free Cupcakes” … and the best news is that I’m giving away one copy for a lucky winner. She has a great variety of cupcakes and frostings for every taste and every occasion. Cupcakes are made with almond and coconut flour. Needless to say all of them look delicious and more importantly they are a great healthy alternative.

Do some research in Elana’s new book and leave a comment letting me know what looks like your next favorite recipe, and/or subscribe to this blog before May 15 to enter this giveaway.

You can also add your comment to my next post (likely to be written over the weekend), where I’ll be translating into Spanish my favorite recipe from “Gluten-Free Cupcakes” and I’ll be writing a brief review for the Spanish speaking readers.

Gluten free bloggers like Amy from Simply Sugar and Gluten Free , Kelly from Spunky Coconut and Elana herself  have written reviews in English in case you are interested in reading them!

You can’t miss Elana’s new book! This giveaway is open to everyone!


9 thoughts on “First CSA share and book giveaway

  1. Pienso que Me gustaría mas el cupcakes de red velvet! Por qué no? Wish I could be there to share some cupcakes with you and Humberto!

  2. One of the things that I love about having a CSA subscription is that you get to try (to be creative with) new veggies. I am so boring when I go shopping, I always get the same stuff… When I lived in Gothenborg I had a box with fruit and veggies every other week. I learned to like beets (not the biggest fan though, unless they are either raw or oven roasted with garlic and thyme) and even put them in cupcakes! They were unfortunately not a big hit among my friends, I think it’s safer to stick with the traditional separation between veggies and pastry! Unless it’s carrot cake…

  3. Hi Claudia! Great idea, the whole blog! Mmmmhhh, all these cupcakes sound delicious! Maybe I would try first the GERMAN chocolate cupcakes!! :) But Honey Walnut cupcakes seem to be an interesting mix, too… I have never made cupcakes before, but I would start with this book and send you the pictures of them. ;) Greetings to you and Humberto from Germany!!!

  4. Ya voy a hacer los cup cakes de higo! se me antojan mucho? alguna sugerencia para el glasiado de arriba?

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