Watermelon Sorbet

I’ve been receiving large (!) watermelons from our CSA share these past weeks. And they keep coming. As usual, we have been eating them in many ways, including smoothies, sliced for breakfast, in salad and as frozen popsicles. But my favorite way of eating watermelon so far, is in the slushy/sorbet format (or non-alcoholic margaritas). And is so easy to prepare you will want to make it too. There are 2 ways of doing it. One way is slicing and freezing the watermelon over night. Next put in the blender with water and frappé, keep adding water until you reach the desired consistency. The second way of doing it is slicing and blending the watermelon with water and then putting the mixture on the ice cream maker. You don’t even need to add a sweetener, as ripe fresh fruit is delicious enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.

I’ve been preparing lots of sorbets and ice cream lately, making the most of these hot summer months, knowing the fall is around the corner… I prepared vegetarian (corn husk) tamales for a party I hosted last Saturday… and I was so happy to hear everyone loved them! I regret not taking them a picture, but hopefully I’ll have one soon and will upload the recipe in English in a couple of weeks…

watermelon sorbet


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