Salad in a hurry…

I haven’t been cooking much lately, sniff, sniff…although, I’ve been thinking a lot about food. I’ve been posting interesting articles about a wide array of topics (related to food) on the new Facebook page of blog de recetas… if you haven’t liked it, and checked it out… don’t delay. I’m excited because the CSA (Community Sustainable Agriculture) season just started and fresh vegetables are coming our way from Lancaster Farm Fresh. I’ve been using them in salads, just chopping and tossing ingredients randomly.

I’ll be away from my computer the next few weeks, so I just wanted to stop by and say hi, more Mexican recipes are coming up soon. In the mean time, let me know what would you like to see next in blog de recetas?




6 thoughts on “Salad in a hurry…

  1. se ve muy rico,
    y muy saludable,
    para la proxima me gustaria ver algo muy fresco para este verano tan caluroso

  2. Well, now that you asked, how about a few of your Mexican recipes that incorporate fish or seafood. Gracias!

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